For Sale in Texas Only

“For Sale in Texas Only” (FSITO) – You may have seen this on the label of a Texas wine in the grocery store. It’s even more probable that you didn’t notice it. After all, who reads the entire label on every bottle of wine they pick up? I didn’t until someone I met in the wine community ranted about it several years ago. Unfortunately, I listened to their rant and began to echo the rant to local grocery stores and in other wine groups.

Then I did some research and found out a few things:

Federal (not Texas) labeling regulations prevent wineries from advertising the specific source of the grapes in their wine unless it was grown in the same state as the winery.

The legalese is all below in the article with some reasonable translation, but here’s the quick explanation:

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For Sale in Texas Only — 2 Comments

  1. To JCBaker,
    I appreciated your explanation of “For Sale in Texas Only” and would like to use it in the newsletter of the San Antonio Regional Wine Guild (SARWG). Let me know if it is OK. I will make sure that you receive full credit as author and acknowledgement as you wish.
    Charles Suehs,
    SARWG Secretary

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