William Chris Vineyards – Malbec Release and Grape Vine Planting

We had a choice of destinations today: We received our invitation to the Messina Hof VIP Reception and notice that William Chris Vineyards would be doing a short Grape Vine Planting gathering including a shoot to take home and get us hooked on grape growing – or give us a minute taste of the grape-grower”s pain.

No disrespect to Paul, but I”m not a good mixer. His reception will run much more smoothly without me as a wild card. Chris (William Chris), however, seems to be a lot like me… everywhere, all at once. Guess where I am mobile casino right now.

I am one who would have said that no really good Malbec could be grown in Texas. Doesn”t Argentina own the Malbec? Damn, I”m wrong again. Again, I find out how little I know.

We really came out for the Grape Planting and the baby vine, but made it in time for the Malbec Release party. OMG. I LOVE Malbec, and my favorite to date had some issues post-bottling, so I”ve been a little bummed lately. WIlliam Chris restored my hope for Texas-grown Malbec with this release.

Yes, I”m a total fan-boy now. We have just spent the most wonderful four hours sitting at a table making new friends – associates at and friends of the winery. We have fallen in love with Chris and Bill, of course, but have to tell you about Andy and Carol. They”re like the glue that holds the parts together so Bill and Chris can focus on meeting people and making incredible wine.

If I ever get to retire, I hope it”s close to here.

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