High Plains Road Trip, Day 1 – Clint & Alexis Bingham

If you’re involved in the #GoTexan and #TxWine “groups” on Twitter, then you’re probably familiar with Twitter Tuesday – where we taste three Texas wines and talk to the growers of the grapes, the wine makers, or Texas personalities who have chosen the wines for the occasion.

Our very first Twitter Tuesday featured three wines made from grapes grown by Bingham Family Vineyards, one of which was produced by our favorite Duchman Winery. Of course you should know that I was already a Duchman fan boy because they focus on Italian varietals – and produce very good wines at that. It was really interesting chatting with people from both Duchman AND Bingham at the same time, and we determined that we would like to take some time to visit the Bingham family.

Well, we got really busy with a new job and unexpected business travel, so that planned trip didn’t work out… Until this weekend.

This morning we packed up and headed to Meadow, TX – southwest of Lubbock – to spend a little time with Clint and Alexis Bingham. This evening was the only time that we could meet with both Clint and Alexis, so they graciously accepted us into their home.

We talked a lot about wine, of course, and Texas wine in particular, but as I have said before, the best part of Texas wine is the people who pour their passion into growing the grapes and producing the wines. I tweeted this tonight, “Grapes are grown by people. The BEST people grow grapes in Texas, and we just spent an evening with two of them.” I mean it.

I already love the wines produced from the grapes grown by the Bingham family; the Duchman Dolcetto, Vermentino, and Trebbiano, and the Becker Viognier to name some, and can’t help but wonder if the passion that I taste is as much theirs as the wine makers.

You know what? It doesn’t matter. If Clint and Alexis grew spinach, I’d buy some and enjoy every bite. I am just grateful that it was our mutual love for Texas wines made from Texas grown grapes that brought us together.

And we will be praying for you that our Father gives you the desire of your hearts.

– Jim and Julie

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