Retreat Hill – Relaxing with Sliders and Vintner's Blend

I usually wait until i get home before blogging about a road trip. Usually.

So we”re sitting under an umbrella at a picnic table in Montgomery, Texas at the Retreat Hill Vineyards and Winery tasting room. Billy Cox is cooking sliders and we”re eating and enjoying the mini burgers and good Texas wine. Well, I am, at least. Julie”s drinking a delightful Riesling made from Oregon grapes while I”m drinking the Retreat Hill Vintner”s Choice.

The sliders are good – I ate nine of them. OK, I was hungry.

We actually came out last week to the tasting room – on a lark, of course – and enjoyed a variety of wines they offer, from Texas, California, and Oregon grapes. Our favorites were the Riesling, Gewürtztraminer, Vinter”s Blend, and the Cabriolo.

During the week, Billy tweeted Julie saying that he”d be here on the 11th, so we figured we”d head out again.


Billy and I are both bald. “Nuff said. I have a plaque that says, “God gave a few men perfect heads – the rest He gave hair.” Then there”s the other saying, “Men who are bald in front are great thinkers; men who are bald in back are great lovers. Men who are bald everywherey think they are great lovers.”

What we REALLY like about Retreat オンライン カジノ Hill: HONESTY.

How many Texas wineries tell you where they get their grapes? Seems some more “famous” wineries hide behind “For Sale in Texas Only” label to hide the fact that their grapes are from out of state (or country), but Retreat Hill tells us on their wine tasting menu the AVA of their grapes. Some are from California, some are from Oregon, and some are from Texas. Naturally I focused on the Texas wines first, but I also enojoyed the rest.

Did you know that the Retreat Hill tasting room in Montgomery is located in the oldest building in the city? It was the old First State Bank building, and the original vault is still there. Cool.

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