Wine Lovers’ TX Wine Favorites

I’m compiling a list of Texas Wine Favorites from anyone who cares to leave a comment and tell me why it’s a fave. I’ll start with a few of my own to get things started, then I will compile the list with your comments and post it!


Wine Lovers’ TX Wine Favorites — 5 Comments

  1. 2010 William Chris Enchente, Wonderfully strong and complex tannins without being harsh, yet still expressing black and dark red fruit with a touch of smoke… Very good expression of Texas terroir. Chateau neuf de Hye!

  2. Saddlehorn 2010 Black Spanish. Thought I would NEVER fave a black spanish, but this one breaks the mold.

  3. Santa Maria Cellars – Pinot Noir – love the body and the rich flavors – and not to mention It pairs well with my husband’s Carne Guisada – yum

  4. Finally someone who speaks our language! First the Bending Branch 2009 Texas Tannat, my wife and I love The California Reds, especially the nose matching the bit flavors. Many of the Texas wines have the “promise” with the nose but fall short with the flavor. The Tannat does not disappoint. Second, Hilmy Cellars, let’s just say we feel like they are like family. Our first visit was before the tasting room was finished. My favorite is the Politics and Religion, because the complex flavors within these jewel. Try iit with some brisket! More later!!!!